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*WenCycle charge per pound, so if you’re curious about how many pounds you’ll see on your receipt, weigh the laundry. You can use a regular bathroom scale or a hanging luggage scale if you have one, regardless we will never miscalculate the pounds of clothing.

*If you would like your white items separated from color, it must be done before pick up. WenCycle will not separate colors from whites.

*WenCycle require a $20.00 minimum for all orders. If your order is below $20.00, we will charge your payment account for $20.00 minimum.

*WenCycle require a $7.99(minimum) delivery charge for same day delivery orders
-Same day delivery fee is $1.75/Lb
-Standard Delivery(48 Hours) is FREE

Wash and Fold

Down Comforter, King Bedding, Queen Bedding, Rugs, Twin Bedding, Pillows, Blankets, Clothing,Towels,Sheets

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Standard Delivery(48 Hours), Same Day Delivery($7.99)


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